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Called to Ocracoke

I remember. Do you remember the first time you set your eyes on the North Carolina coast? From across Hatteras Inlet, the very first moment I saw Ocracoke (even before the Hatteras ferry boat docked at Ocracoke’s north shore), I knew I would be back. My travels to…

Medicine’s Future, Here Already

What will be medicine’s future? The general trend these days is for medical and surgical advances, tempered with increasing oversight and bureaucracy. This translates into increased complexity for those of us providing your care, and increased complexity for patients…

Ocracoke Medicine, Getting There

Practicing medicine on Ocracoke Island, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has been a challenging, fascinating, and rewarding journey. One part of that journey is the literal journey to and from Ocracoke. My trips to Ocracoke began 26 years ago, at first simply…