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Exercise—Who Needs It?

Exercise—who needs it?

Who needs a lower chance of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers? Who needs a better mood, more energy, better sleep, stronger bones, a better sex life, and a lower chance of falling? Who needs exercise, indeed?

Flu Shots In!

Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to prevent influenza illness and protect against its potentially deadly consequences. The CDC recommends all people over 6 months of age receive a flu shot. Remember this: take a flu shot for the ones you love, because if you don’t catch the flu, you can’t give it to others.

Don’t Worry–Be Hoppy

That’s right. Be hoppy—exercise. You know that exercise prevents heart attacks, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But did you know exercise may treat your brain problems, including mild depression and memory loss? This article talks about exercise benefits and focuses on the brain…