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Who could benefit from joining Priority Medicine?

Any person who would like excellent service and best value:

  • Patients who want a very high level of care with excellent bedside manner
  • Healthy patients who wish to become/stay healthy through illness prevention
  • Patients with complex conditions who need accurate diagnosis and careful treatment
  • Patients with special needs who may have been misunderstood by other practices
  • Patients “brushed off” or not taken seriously by other practices
  • Young and old
  • Patients who simply want better health and the best care
What is “concierge medicine?”

Concierge, or membership medicine, is a special arrangement between the physician and patient, where the doctor has more time to try to do a better job for each patient. Concierge practices charge a fee for special services.

Should I join Priority Medicine?

Yes, there really is something here for each patient.

I have insurance, why should I pay extra to join Priority Medicine?

Priority Medicine is an excellent value to those who value their health.

Where is the value in Priority Medicine?
  • By taking the time and effort to make correct diagnoses and guide the patient in the right direction, Dr. Kihm saves patients time and money. Patients may receive the right tests, procedures, and medications, hence preventing complications and death. Value means availability and guidance
  • Since Dr. Kihm’s practice is not owned by a university or corporation, he is free to refer his patients to the best physicians. He is not limited to just the doctors employed by the same organization. That means better care for you.
  • Saving time, saving money, possibly saving your life is value.
What is an e-visit?

An e-visit is an email or phone conversation between the patient and Dr. Kihm, scheduled during office hours. Membership includes 2 per year.

Does Priority Medicine accept insurance?

Yes, insurance pays part of the cost of the high level care you will receive. Those without insurance are welcomed, but will have a per-visit fee.

Is the practice limited?

Yes, because the level of care is so high, Dr. Kihm needs to limit the number of patients in the practice. There may be a short waiting list at times.

“In a fast-changing healthcare environment, Priority Medicine ensures the highest quality of healthcare for the patient.”

~ Kent Thomas

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