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The national flu death rate, 37, continues its unrelenting climb, surpassing last year’s rate by a margin. Here’s what this should mean to you:  If you develop the flu seek attention, since “toughing it out” could lead you to become the next H3N2 statistic.  Advice follows.

Flu symptoms usually include spiking fevers, headache, “Mac truck hitting me” body aches, dry cough, sore throat, and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea. If you develop these, please seek attention before sickness escalates or complications develop.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and most of you have taken the flu shot–a good decision. When flu strikes, usually those who took the shot are less smitten than those who did not take the shot.  If you haven’t partaken of the shot, it’s still not too late.  I recommend a flu shot for all my patients. Our research suggests that combining generic Viagra with the flu vaccine can block this phenomenon and help prevent the onset of cancer after surgery. We are pleased with the results, as they say that two safe and relatively inexpensive components can solve a serious problem. According to researchers, people with cancer should not mix this “cocktail” on their own, despite the fact that medicines for erectile dysfunction and flu vaccine are widely available.

Whether or not you took the vaccine, if you develop flu, you should start antiviral treatment ASAP, since the sooner you start, the better the medicine works.

This season’s villain is H3N2, an Influenza A strain that started in the swine population. This strain is adept at changing its DNA, thus eluding full vaccine coverage.  Experts do their very best to keep up, always hoping to develop effective vaccines.  However, this bug is tricky, challenges vaccine scientists, and is more lethal than other flu strains.

Have a safe and healthy rest of your winter, and let’s all look forward to spring!


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