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Happy, Healthy New Year, 2018

Dec 29, 2017 | Editorial, Health and Fitness

This will be the year!  We are all pulling together for better health and even happiness!  I agree, easier said than done.  Many of us have big goals to accomplish, like losing 10 pounds or more—so what’s the best way to start?  No matter the task, above all, remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Laozi, Chinese philosopher, 604 {BC}).

In medicine, 90% of non-medication remedies involve diet and exercise.  Boring advice, indeed, but remember the life you save may be your own.  It’s easier to get in better shape before, rather than after a heart attack, stroke, suffering osteoporotic fractures, etc.

In beginning your journey, the first step is to take the first step–today, even while still 2017!  If it’s losing that 10 pounds, start by looking at and thinking about what you eat.  Then walk around the block.  Now start counting calories (for women, less than 1200; for men, less than 1600).  Now walk a little farther each day.  Then keep at it.

Same advice to achieve happiness, start with something to feel good about—maybe even just saying something nice to another person.  Helping others feel happy engenders self-happiness.  Your 1,000 mile happiness-journey could start with a simple compliment.  Have you ever noticed that the happiest people say lots of nice things?

Now realize that happiness and good health go hand in hand.  Yes, you can certainly have one without the other.  But the best is to have both.  The good, but slightly hard news is that this is all up to you.

Start your journey today.  Take that first step.  And remember, we’re with you.  Have a happy, healthy New Year!

Dr. Kihm

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